Monday, February 22, 2010

Starting this thing

I realized after only a week that I really wanted to continue blogging but I didn't know how to go about it since I am working so hard on staying sober. I decided to start a blog about my addiction and recovery. Those that would like to read it are welcome, but I am not going to refrain from leaving out details, or trying to sound soft. I need this for therapy. Maybe someday I will continue with the Everyday blog. As of now, I am moving forward and trying to do the next right thing. That is a phrase I hear a lot in recovery.

I am a bit frustrated this morning. My Pathfinder has been acting sick the past few weeks and this morning on the way to my house the steering went out on it, causing it to breakdown. It messed up plans for my whole morning, which results in messing with others plans. My mom had to get up and take me to get the boys. She has a Dr apt for the kids at the same time as the meeting. Drew has to come get us so Jack can go to school and I can catch my meeting on time. Geeze!!!

Lets hope the rest of the day goes better. I am seeing Gordon at 5:30 tonight. I can do some venting then!

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  1. Jillie,
    I know that you are stronger than your addiction. I know that you can beat it. You have all the tools at your disposal, the most important being the Holy Ghost and the love of our Savior. You can do it!!!!