Saturday, May 26, 2012

Been a crazy few weeks. Tonight is a tough night for me. I don't know what sets tonight apart from the rest. I just feel I need to let some of these feelings out! I just went and saw my babies. My girls are growing up too fast and I feel like I am missing so much. I am really proud of their accomplishments. I just hope they all know how special each one is to me. I recieved some sweet things from the kids for Mother's Day this year. They really went all out. The sweetest by far was the cards I got. Ally expressed a story she heard at school where the kids had their mom taken away from them and she was so happy that had not happened to her. It broke my heart. Even as I type it's hard to hold back the tears. Those are my babies! I feel like school is sucking the life out of me, even though it's making it better in the long run. Hard to keep that in mind when I miss so much. At least I am not missing out because I am drugged up.

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